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Ultrasound ?

Started by Alex, September 28, 2016, 01:10:53 AM

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Hi guys and gals it's been awhile and things are pretty much the same for me. I've just had knee surgery (2 weeks ago) so getting over that.
I was thinking has anyone ever tried ultrasound therapy if so how did it go.
I injured my foot years ago, before I got fibro and had ultrasound on it and it was just the thing I needed at that time. Anyway it got me thinking so feedback would be appreciated.
I might get a unit if all goes well as I've been having amazing luck on eBay bidding like I won a blood pressure test unit the other day, brand new in the box for $6.00 US dollars plus free post.
Hope every one is well and happy.


Hi from the other side of the ocean!!!!

Hope the knee surgery is doing the right thing.  Modern technology seems to help you get over it quicker these days.

I have heard about this ultrasound therapy......nothing negative, all good.  (Although I have never had it myself).

They use it for sports injuries, and the like with the league players here.

It's good to know from others too.  Can't be much help other than what I've heard.

Hope all is good otherwise.

Take care



Hey Alex!!  Welcome home brother. :bighug:

So... was the knee surgery amazing??  Did the knee pain vanish for you?  I've got more than a couple of guys over here who were simply amazed at the difference... well, once the surgery pain simmered down... but they did say there was an instantaneous difference in the pain level and the type of pain.  Glad you went ahead with it.

The ultrasound, as Tay pointed out, is great for sports pain and things like that... folks swear by them.  As for it taking away fibro pain, I have tried a couple of units and not felt any difference in the pain levels, short term or long term.  The muscle gets warm but that's about it.  I imagine it would help you with the healing of your knee and related muscles and tendons, with doctor's OK of course. 

Glad to hear that things are getting back on an even keel for you. 
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



I didn't use ultrasound but rather infrared.
The heat was deep and localized,nice.

It is what it is...


Interestingly enough, I did a little digging into ultrasound therapy and came across this article that challenges ultrasound's place in therapy at all...
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



I had some post back fractures at therapy where they always want more performance.  Not anything significant to notice for me at that time.  Therapy wanted (work hardening therapy program) but the neuro-surgeon said NO therapy bot a hard shell brace from neck to pelvis to try to get it to set halfway correct and do as little as possible.
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Thanks all for the feed back.
As for my knee it's too early to tell yet any difference in pain levels. Have to say I was a bit taken back when the specialist said there may not be any difference so stay tuned.I had my first Physio today lol he told me to go back to using 2 crutches I'm not ready for one just yet.
Thanks Fox I'll have a look at that site.
I'm thinking I might get the ultra sound unit as its not a huge out lay cost wise. It may be a case of more than a couple of treatments are better. But in saying that more comments are welcome.


I've tried several alternate treatments but can't say any of them worked enough to make a difference.   old-man/cane Since I have realized I have trigger points (TrP's) all over I have tried to get some of these therapies directly on the TrP's to see if they will work better.  Mostly, low laser therapy.  I couldn't say it helped even though I used them repeatably.  

It may be that I was so bad that nothing provides immediate help.  I hope with improvement, I will discover some other alternate therapies, like ultra-sound, that will treat the TrP's but so far only accupuncture seems to have really helped.  ;)  Even then, I try to get it done very aggressively.  The process takes such along time to see improvement.  : :( :  Also, not too many therapist will practice this way.  :emocurse:  I have found 3 out of about 10 so far.  Even when I tell them what I want, most simply won't go after the TrP's.   :emowall:



Ok guys I bit the bullet and bought one now I just have to wait for it to come from there.
I'll keep you all informed how it goes.
Stay well all.


Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


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