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      About the website, it is really simple. The website was born out of frustration because there were little to no websites devoted to the topic of men with fibromyalgia.  Many of the websites might of had one or two sections, a paragraph here or there, and even a link or so dealing with the issue of men with fibro.  In the middle of the night, frustrated, and on a mission, the Men With Fibromyalgia became a reality.
       The forum is the “heart” of the website.  It is a place where men can come and share, learn, and grow one with another. The site is devoted to the topic of men with fibromyalgia, but women are welcome to the site also. 
       We have included in the forums, a section devoted to the “spouse” of men with fibro. We all fully realize how difficult it must be to live with a man with fibro, only because we have to live with ourselves.  This section allows the “spouse” to have somewhere to talk to others, to share, and above all to find and give compassion to each other in times of need.

   We do everything possible to ensure your privacy remains on this site, and this site only.  Under no circumstances do we sell, donate, or give away our database of members of the site, or especially the forum. We take the issue of privacy and confidentiality very serious, and will go to every effort to protect the member.  It is required for each user/member to feel safe on our site, and forum.  We highly discourage unsolicited responses to any member on the site, or forum. 

   We strive to make sure we comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to operating a public website, and forum.

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