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Dr. McNett

Dr. McNett has became one of the nations leaders in the forefront of fibromyalgia treatment.  He was a moderator here on the MENWITHFIBRO.COM website for quite some time, but now due to the demands of his practice he no longer serves.  Our gratitude to Dr. McNett will go on forever.  Thanks for what you have done Dr. McNett!

Dr. Michael McNett

Dr. Michael McNett
  With an interest ranging from Family Medicine to Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Michael McNett brings a broad background to the field of Fibromyalgia and muscular pain.  His Family Practice residency training included a period of stud under one of the most influential researchers in the field of Fibromyalgia, Dr. Muhammad Yunus. He has several years of experience in Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, and additional training in addiction treatment, pharmaceutical research, and integrative medicine. Dr. McNett will work with you to develop a program that you can follow to maximize your recovery and regain an active, fulfilling and enjoyable life. 

Peterís Fibromyalgia & Personal Website.

Peter had by far one of the best collections for the newly diagnosed on the Internet.  His site has been shut down but everything has been preserved so contact Ronr if there is anything you need from it.

The DFW ME/CFS Website

The DFW ME/CFS website is another website you will find invaluable.  Lori (the webmistress or administrator) is not only well versed in the subject of chronic fatigue but also Fibromyalgia.  And besides all of that, she is a wonderful person.  Take some time and visit the website. Personally, I can not recommend the site enough. It is easy on the eyes, easy to read, and filled with information. She does frequent our MENíS FORUM here on the menwithfibro.com website, and is a wonderful addition to the gang!  Again, visit The DFW ME/CFS website !!!!!!   

This website is highly recommended. And we rank it among some of the best top websites dealing with the issue of fibromyalgia.