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This information came from the FORUMS, and I think it is good, so I am furnishing it on the website.

Dr. Michael McNett

By Dr. McNett

The nutritional supplements I recommend

Here are the nutritional supplements I'm currently recommending in FMS. I'm open to comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

B-100 Complex* 1 tablet daily Improves activity of enzymes involved in energy production and brain function.

Calcium/Magnesium* Ca = 2000mg/day, Mg = 1000mg/day Calcium should be taken in a 2:1 ratio to magnesium to allow for proper tissue functioning. Mg promotes proper muscle function, relieving muscle spasms and tightness, and so reduces muscle pain. Many FMS patients have low Mg levels.

Vitamin C* 1000mg twice a day initially, then increase by 1000mg a day until stools get soft.  Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, promoting healing, and stimulates the immune system. If you have a weak stomach, consider using sodium ascorbate instead.

Vitamin A* 25,000 IU daily for one month, then 10,000 IU daily  Vitamin A promotes healing, immune function, and cell growth. It also has a strong antioxidant effect. High doses should not be taken if you are or could become pregnant. Cod-liver oil is a good source, with about 14,000 IU per tbsp. (also 1400 IU Vit D and many essential fatty acids).

Vitamin E* 800 IU daily (best if “natural,” “mixed tocopherols”) Powerful antioxidant, lowering risk of cancer and atherosclerosis. Helps circulation, tissue repair, and blood clotting, strengthens capillary walls, makes platelets less sticky, promotes healthy nerves, muscles, and skin structures. If hypertensive, start at 200 IU/day and work up, checking BP frequently.

(*most of these will be present at least to some degree in a good high-potency vitamin-mineral supplement)

Coenzyme Q-10 $$  90mg daily   improves oxygenation of tissues and the conversion of oxygen and carbohydrates into energy. Enhances the immune system, increases strength of muscles, and protects the heart. (absorbed better if taken with a little fat, like peanut butter)

L-carnitine $$ 1000-3000mg/day Works with Coenzyme Q-10 to promote energy production (metabolizes fat).

Malic Acid w/ Magnesium 2 tablets twice a day Increases sugar metabolism to make energy.

Asian (Panax) Ginseng 100-200mg/day (standardized for 4-7% ginsenoside level) Promotes energy, helps body (and mind) adapt to stresses, enhances mental and  physical performance.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 1000-2000mg twice a day   A source of sulfur for the body, promoting the production of synovial fluid (in joints) and encouraging toxin breakdown.

Betaine HCl  1-2 caps (325-650 mg) pc Raises body levels of SAMe, which lowers homocysteine levels (3X normal in FMS patients) and acts as an antidepressant. SAMe has been shown to help FMS, but only at levels of 800mg/day and when given IV. (the cost of the SAMe alone would be >$120/mo) Betaine provides SAMe to the body much more cheaply.