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Welcome to the Men With Fibromyalgia Forum!
   The forum is devoted to the topic of men with fibromyalgia Please try to follow our one basic simple rule, “Treat everyone as if they are a guest in your own living room” and you should have no problems in the forum.
   The forum was created for men to have a place for them to discuss their problems, how they deal with fibro, and basically what it is like to be a man with fibro. We do have some women who frequent the forums, and we openly accept them.  Our purpose behind the forums, is a place, devoted to men living day to day with fibromyalgia.

   We have some restricted men only forums for men to openly talk about anything.  A Rant & Rave area is just for that, ranting and raving. Get whatever issue you are dealing with off your chest.
   There are other areas: Pain Control, The Sports Bar, What works and Coping Tips & Tricks, General Computer Discussion, Legal Issues, VA Benefits, Medical News, Oddball Symptoms, Spirituality, and several others. 
   There is also a section devoted to spouses of men with fibro, and it is obviously, for spouses only.  It is password protected, and you will need to request a password.
   Above all, we want you to enjoy the forums, to find others just like you, to be of comfort and understanding to others, and to let others give you support when you need it the most.

Meet the Staff of the Men With Fibromyalgia Forum at menwithfibro.com

The Members                         
Although not “staff” the members are in the number one position, because it is for the members the staff has devoted their time, effort, and compassion. Everything we are trying to accomplish is for the members, and all men living with fibromyalgia.
Peter aka/Peter - 1953-2010            -   Founder/Global Moderator
Peter is one of those we had no idea as to which “title” to assign to what he does on the MWF Forum.  If there was an “irreplaceable” title assignment, that would be Peter. He comes to us from Canada, bringing his insight and experience of dealing with fibromyalgia. His website,
had excellent information for the newly diagnosed, and will be brought back to you here as time permits.

Ron aka/Ronr                         Administrator
Yep, still another Ron. Ironically, Ronr & AJ1 live only about one mile apart. This Ron does a tremendous about of editing for us. He gives it his all to ensure we were not in the middle of a tempter tantrum or fibro fog when we write articles, information, etc. for the issue of men with fibromyalgia. He too is devoted and dedicated to what he believes in, and is willing to contribute to creating awareness for the issue of men with fibromyalgia.

Brady aka/Pizzaman242 -  Moderator.
   Brady, widely known in the forums as “Pizzaman242” wrote the article
“Knights of Fibromyalgia.” We are proud of his efforts, and his ongoing devotion to the issue of men with fibromyalgia.
Gary aka/CountryBoy -       Moderator.
Gary has been at the MWF Forums for a long time, one of the “old timers” He is also devoted to the issue of men with fibromyalgia, and for the most part, fits his nickname of CountryBoy.  His laid back comments, humor, and steadfast faith keeps us all in line.
Pamela aka/Pamela           Counselor.
Pamela (a close friend of Peter’s) also comes to us from Canada. She has graciously volunteered to moderate her own area dealing with helping men cope with fibromyalgia, what it does to us, and how we have to live with it. Naturally, she is known for her gentle ways, advice, and support.  And occasionally, her humor slips into her posts from time to time.
Terry aka/Terry                      Artist
Terry is our resident artist, creator of cartoons, and just a wonderful asset to the gang.  Her humor comes out the tips of her fingers, lands on paper in the form of a cartoon. Her cartoons allow us all to laugh at ourselves, and on occasion, laugh at others.  Everyone has a special gift, and Terry is definitely gifted when it comes to her
AJ1 aka/AJ1           Awareness Team Member
We have lots of “Ron’s” around here. AJ1 has volunteered to serve on our Awareness Team, in efforts to create awareness about the issue of men with fibromyalgia. He does a lot of background research, and devotes a lot of time helping organize our efforts.
Ron aka/Rwilli                         Awareness Team Member.
One more Ron.  AJ1 & Rwilli have one thing in common, they both put new meaning into the words “surfing the web.”  In front of his computer at home in in Thailand, he constantly finds information, websites, and other related info dealing with fibromyalgia.  He also takes time to throw in a site or two dealing with humor, or just plain fun.

The Rest of the Awareness Team:   There are many more on the Awareness Team, all doing their part in creating efforts to make people aware of what it is like to be a man with fibromyalgia. A heartfelt “THANK YOU!” goes out to each and every member of the Team.

Bob Hall aka/AchinDude       Administrator/Owner
I put my name at the bottom of the list for several reasons. First, I thought if someone was wanting to find out who started this mess, by the time they got to the end of the list, they might forget why they wanted to know who was responsible. :-)
Second, all I did was to start the ball rolling, and to keep a playing field for all those who want to play.  Any credit for the success of the website, the forum, or even the effort to create awareness goes to the members, the participants, those who give of themselves for the sake of others, and the men who suffer from day to day with the never ending pain of fibromyalgia.