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 Personals - Men With Fibromyalgia

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Bob Hall Duncan, OK USA
  I’m active in our local fibromyalgia support group, active on the Internet, and will stop and talk to anyone about fibromyalgia, as the old saying goes “at the drop of a hat.”. Education and enlightenment is our key against this disease. The use of the Internet has played a dramatic role in education, but we have only touched the surface.  Via the Internet, one can  reach out beyond their own environment, and communicate with others with fibromyalgia.  We can learn together, and share our feelings, our successes, and our failures. I just hope that with the site “MenWithFibro” there will be someone helped, someone will learn more about fibromyalgia, and perhaps, something on the site will make a difference in someone’s life. Just knowing one person obtained something of value from the web site, will be worth all the effort. If we have to, we will bring attention to men with fibromyalgia, one person at a time.